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How to reduce sample differences in samples?

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There are many reasons for the color difference between samples, and the main reasons are the following aspects.

① Be strict and accurate when playing samples. Sample samples are the key to directly affecting the large -scale production of the workshop. We must fully understand its importance and pay attention to the following points.

a. Sample sample water should be consistent with large sample production water, avoiding the difference in water quality problems.

 b. Sample dyes and additives must be the same batch and the same number. The straw should be rationally selected according to the suction material in the sample, and the small volume of the small volume of dyeing solution should be used as much as possible. The dyes used in small samples must be available.

c. The samples used by small samples, including the previous processing method, must be consistent with the big. When color matching, you must choose dyes with the same K value or approximately similar, that is, the compatibility of the dye must be basically the same. At the same time, you must also choose a slow dye with the same or different differences as the d dyes. The proportional relationship has the stability and reproducibility of dyeing quality and light.

d. Sample dye bath pH value and temperature curve should be as close to large as possible as possible.

e. The color should be strict and accurate.


 ② Errors occur during the weighing of large and small dyes. Dye weighing should be used to use an analysis balance or electronic balance when the sample is sampled to avoid the use of table scales to minimize errors. When weighing large -scale production of dyes, use the scales as much as possible.


③ Strictly control the pH value of the dye bath. Generally, the pH value of small samples is stricter and cautious, and the pH value fluctuates large during large sample production. Due to the water quality and the boiler's direct steam in the alkaline component, the pH value of the dye bath is increased.


④ Control the staining bath ratio. The sample bath ratio is generally 1: (20 ~ 30), and the large -sample production (tube dyeing) bath ratio is about 1:10. It must be emphasized that the sample should be performed on the tube dyeing sample machine.


⑤ Strictly implement process operation. Practice has proved that the difference in process operation is also one of the causes of sample color differences. The process operation includes the dye dissolving, the amount of acetic acid, the method of adding dyes and the additives, the heating process, and the time of boiling dyeing. Sample people must be familiar with the performance and cooked technology operation of large workshop production machines. After the small samples are determined, the sample personnel should go deep into the workshop to do a pioneer test to ensure the consistency of small and large sample production.

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