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How to set the stacking time before the cold rolling pile of textiles?

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In the processing process in front of the cold rolling pile, its stacking time is a non -processing process in front of the cold rolling pile. The stacking time is a very important process parameter. , 12h, 16H, 24H, etc. As for why this stacking time is used, few people pay attention and think about it. Often, they will formulate current process parameters based on the "experience" of the past.


(1) Factors affecting the stacking time:

The concentration of the auxiliary in the working solution, the actual liquid amount of the fabric, the stacking temperature, the stacking time, the tissue structure of the fabric, the fabric containing miscellaneous ingredients, and the maturity of cotton fiber.

① The concentration of the auxiliary in the work solution is adjusted according to the organizational specifications and process requirements of the fabric, because the preliminary processing of one -time investment is large, and the production process is continuous. The classification is not appropriate to divide too well, otherwise there will be some difficulties in regulation and control in the production process.

② The amount of liquid processed before the cold rolling pile is better at the ends of the cloth roll at the above rolls. It is better to overflow at both ends of the cloth roll and the work liquid. Too much liquid, the cloth roll is easy to slide; too little band liquid, affecting the quality of drift. Therefore, for a specific fabric, the amount of liquid liquid is certain and can be adjusted casually, and the actual production process pays insufficient attention in this regard.

③ The stacking temperature processed before the cold rolling pile is used to stack at room temperature or 30 to 35 ° C insulation piles.

④ The stacking time before the cold milk pile has a certain independence. Its adjustment is more convenient and will not cause adverse effects on other batches. In the entire cold rolling pile processing process parameters, the adjustment of the stacking time is achieved to achieve the time of adjustment of the stacking time to achieve Personality control for the quality of different products is the most effective and convenient.

⑤ The differences in the tissue structure of fabrics, fabrics contain miscellaneous ingredients, and cotton fiber maturity these factors have an impact on the quality of the predecessor, but it is difficult to detect it in actual production. We only need to adjust the stacking time by adjusting the stacking time To meet the quality requirements of the processing before controlling before control.


(2) The principle of formulating the process parameters of cold -rolled piles:

① The quality of the front treatment must meet the processing quality requirements of the post -process.

② The process parameters should be selected in the interval where the product quality fluctuations are relatively moderate, so that the process parameters have a certain tolerance to ensure the stability and repetitiveness of the product.

③ By adjusting the stacking time to achieve control of different products and different quality requirements. (3) The basis for formulating the stacking time: Before formulating a large production process, a small sample stack experiment must be performed. After the small sample dipping work solution, the stacking time should be performed. The 10th gear conducts comparative experiments, and select the stacking time period with higher stability as the stacking time for large goods production.

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