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Oil-soluble dye use

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1. Excellent solubility.

2. Excellent compatibility with various resins.

3. The color is very bright and beautiful.

4. Weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance are higher than the usual traditional AZO and DISAZODYE.

5. High-grade gold-containing dyes, free of free heavy metals.


6. There is also a liquid dye equivalent to 30% of the powder series, which is easy to use and pollution-free. Commodity characteristics of the color layer of the bronzing film: Because the metal complex dyes are complex and structured, they are different from the usual organic pigments and traditional azo dyes, making them have higher gloss and transparency, which is very good Weather resistance and stronger fastness; Compared with inorganic pigments, metal complex dyes have the characteristics of easy dispersion, easy penetration, easy coloring, bright color and good transparency.


The main purpose:

1. Wood coatings and various other coatings.

2. Oil-soluble or alcohol-based printing inks.

3. Spraying of various plastic, natural and leather surface layers.

4. Coloring of aluminum foil electroplating film.

5. Oil-based ink for ballpoint pens and stationery.

6. Shoe polish dyeing.

7. Other uses: transparent decoration paint, low temperature baking paint, plastic surface color spraying and other industries.

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