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Simple introduction to solvent dye

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Solvent dye is a type of dye that can be dissolved in organic solvents. It is a very common type of dye. It is insoluble in water and can only be dissolved in organic solvents or oils. Caused by the non -polarity of chemicals,

The following are some simple introductions of solvent dyes:

Main component

Solvent dyes are mainly divided into two major categories: oily dyes and alcohol -soluble dyes

Its ingredients are mainly solvents such as alcohol, ether, ester, ketone, hydrocarbons, and chlorine hydrocarbons, benzene, and oil, fat, wax, etc. Of course, there are many other substances to make solvent dyes.

Solvent dye type

1. According to the type of solvent, it can be divided into:

(1) A series, which is easily dissolved in alcohol dyes, is bright in color, and is generally used for alcohol -dyeing.

(2) U series, which is easily dissolved in oils, is mainly used for the coloring of oils.

(3) W series, special dye for paraffin coloring.

2. According to the structure type, it can be divided into:

(1) Alkaline dye structure

(2) General nitrogen dye

(3) Metal complex type

(4) Diversified dyes

(5) 染 酞 ((

(6) Alkaline dye and acidic dye complex co -precipitation

Others include solvent dyes with structures such as rings and thiazine.

Chemical nature

The ability to fully dissolve the dye is very important for whether the dyeing of the color is uniform. The solution that is easy to dissolve in other chemicals is called a solvent.

Unlike other coloring agents, the solvent dye is not easy to produce ionization. Ob ionization means that one compound has the ability to change the polarity by obtaining or loss of an electrons from another compound.

This is why the solvent dye is insoluble in water.

This type of dye is often made of a non -dissolved aroma -colored compound. The naming system of these dyes uses a color index to follow a classification system: solvent+color+number, but not the chemicals used by each dye are like this. Came name.


The solvent dye is mainly used in the coloring of wood and plastic. It is also commonly used in the color of transparent paint, ink, wax, soap, smoke, aluminum foil, leather, etc., and can also be used to synthesize the coloring of fiber plasma.

The scope of the application of solvents dyes is very broad, and it is also very common in life.

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