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What are the requirements for temperature rise and fall in disperse dye dyeing?

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1) Heating requirements:

Control the temperature rise, otherwise the temperature rises too fast, it will cause the dye to be dyed too fast, and the phenomenon of color difference will appear.

① Colored flowers: refers to uneven dyeing.

② Mid-way heat preservation (90℃*5') Purpose: to heat up the dye after being evenly absorbed by the fiber to prevent stains.

③ Heating speed: should be slow, generally controlled at 1~2℃/min

2) Cooling requirements:

① Requirement: After dyeing, the temperature will drop below 80℃ (generally controlled at 1~2℃/min)

② If the temperature drops suddenly after dyeing, chicken foot prints (wrinkles) are likely to appear or the fabric feels rough.

③ General operation:

After cooling down to 80°C at 2°C/min, perform post-washing treatment. It is strictly forbidden to open the lid and wash with water above 80°C, otherwise safety problems may easily occur.

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