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What aspects are involved in the appearance of textiles after washing

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1.Color fastness: discoloration, staining (matching each other).

2.Pilling: Pilling condition after washing.

3.Size change rate: Pay special attention to the different shrinkage rates of different fabrics after washing, the exposed lining and the appearance deformation.

4.Skew: The rate of twist after washing.

5.Flatness: such as non-iron shirts, etc.

6.Accessories: Buttons fall off, zippers are rusted and paint removed, sequins and beads are falling off and damaged, etc.

7.Special treatment: cracked coating, blistering of adhesive lining, etc.

8.Sewing: The sewing thread is broken, the embroidery thread is loose, the overlock thread falls off and the selvage is loose, etc.

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