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What is Flame retardant adhesive and its application?

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What is Flame retardant adhesive and its application?


Flame retardant adhesive is an inorganic polymer adhesive formed by high temperature and high pressure polymerization of inorganic materials such as aluminum phosphate, magnesium silicate, sodium silicate, fire retardants, and inorganic polymer polymerizers.

Flame retardant adhesive

In addition to good physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties, flame retardant rubber products also have good flame retardancy and self-extinguishing properties.


Mainly used for various structural bonding and sealing in industrial production, such as: structural bonding of steel plates in automobile compartments; insulation bonding and sealing of high-voltage parts such as CRT kinescopes and DY deflection coils; PCB sensitive components, capacitors, and triodes Fixing and bonding; bonding and sealing of refrigerators, microwave ovens, circuit boards, electronic components, solar energy fields; moisture-proof and waterproof packaging of delicate electronic accessories; sealing of automobile headlight gaskets; wear-resistant ceramic sheets and window frames in power plant pipes Adhesive sealing and reinforcement of installation glass; elastic bonding of most metal and non-metal materials, especially suitable for elastic bonding in environments with special requirements for temperature; power, electronics, electrical appliances, medical machinery, sensors, mechanical equipment, Refrigeration equipment, shipbuilding industry, automobile industry, chemical and light industry, wire and cable insulation, bonding, reinforcement, sealing protection, etc.

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