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What is cold-batch dyeing?

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Cold-batch dyeing means that the fabric passes through the padding dye solution and lye at low temperature, the dye solution is adsorbed on the surface of the pure cotton fabric fiber by the roller pressing, and then it is rolled and stacked, and it is stacked at room temperature for a certain period of time (key Time) and slowly rotate to complete the process of dye absorption, diffusion and fixation, and finally wash with water to complete the dyeing method. The process includes three stages of padding working fluid, stacking and fixing, and washing.




The cold pad-batch dyeing process is short, the equipment is simple, and the environmental pollution is small. Because it is not dried and steamed, it saves energy. It has a small liquor ratio and high coloring rate (the fixation rate is 15- higher than that of the conventional pad-steaming method. 25%), there is no such characteristics as dye migration maladies, and it is especially suitable for the production of multiple varieties and small batches such as tension-sensitive and impermeable dyeing.


(1). Although the whole process is semi-continuous, the production efficiency is very high because the preparation work is completed before the machine.

(2). Dyeing and fixing are completed at room temperature. Although water washing requires heating, because of the high fixing rate of cold dyeing and less hydrolyzed dyes, it is easy to clean. Compared with pad dyeing that requires intermediate drying and steaming, it saves a lot of money. The water and steam energy are reduced, and the pressure of sewage decolorization is relieved.

(3). Cold dyeing equipment is simple, low investment, and small area. Although it is stacked on the site after rolling, it can be arranged flexibly according to the workshop situation.

(4). Cold dyeing is not only easy to clean by itself, but also allows the planning and scheduling to separate and distribute the machines, saving the cleaning time of other machines due to frequent change of varieties.

(5). Because cold dyeing is slowly fixed at room temperature for a long time, migration will not occur, regardless of the thickness of the fabric, the permeability of the dye is excellent, so the product color is more pure, and the problem of corduroy exposed is completely solved. Market demand.

(6). As long as the process is properly mastered, the problem of dyeing consistency of conventional colors, especially difficult colors, can be solved.

(7). The stacking of cold pile fabrics on the A-frame greatly eases the turnover pressure of the cloth storage box.

(8). Dyeing and cold dyeing also have problems such as suspected seam head print, hard hand feeling, and not intuitively padding in lofting.

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