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What is source enzyme and its application?

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What is source enzyme and its application?


According to the different fiber processed, it is divided into protease and cellulase. Among them, proteases (such as alkaline protease 2709/209, neutral protease ZS724, 1398, etc.) are used to catalyze the hydrolysis of sericin on silk. Cellulase is used to catalyze the hydrolysis of pectin on cotton fabrics. The approximate usage characteristics of cellulase are as follows.

Source enzyme

Cellulose scouring enzyme: The main purpose of cotton scouring is to remove non-cellulose substances in cotton fibers, so that the cotton can obtain good water absorption, which is convenient for subsequent bleaching and printing and dyeing processing.


Features and applications

Does not damage the fiber, does not affect the fiber strength, and the weight loss of the fabric is reduced;

Improve dyeing performance, improve levelness, increase color yield, and greatly reduce dyeing defective rate;

The scouring of special sensitive fibers is safer and more reliable, such as natural colored cotton, cotton/wool, cotton/silk, cotton/linen, etc.

Shorten processing time and reduce overall cost

Knitting, yarn and loose fiber


For medium-dark knits, yarns and loose fibres, biological scouring can be carried out in batch equipment such as overflow machines and loose fibre/yarn dyeing machines. The cellulose scouring enzyme can complete the scouring process in the range of neutral to weakly alkaline pH at 50-60°C in 20-40 minutes.

The medium and dark color process curves are as follows:

Cellulose Scouring Enzyme Drainage Dyeing


Influent (buffer PH7-9)

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters of enzyme refining:

Cellulose scouring enzyme: 0.5-1g/l

PH: 7-9

Temperature: 50-60℃

Time: 30-40 minutes


The light color dyeing process curve is as follows:

Cellulose scouring enzyme Bleaching process Hot washing

20-30mins cold wash


Influent (buffer PH7-9)

Technical parameters of enzyme refining:

J-301L: 0.5-1g/l

PH: 7-9

Temperature: 50-60℃

Time: 20-30 minutes

Technical parameters of enzyme de-cooking process (dye vat)

Cellulose scouring enzyme: 1% (O.W.F)

PH: 7-9

Temperature: 50-60℃

Time: 90 minutes

Penetrant: 2-5g/l (non-ionic is recommended)


storage method

Avoid direct sunlight. The temperature is usually 25°C. If the temperature is too high, the dosage will increase.

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