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What is super imitation cotton?

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The main body of "super-imitation cotton" is polyester, and the polyester content is greater than 85%. It is a differentiated functional polyester fiber, including filament-like cotton and staple fiber-like cotton. More vividly, super-imitation cotton products look like cotton ( Visual), feels like cotton (touch), wears like cotton (affinity), and is more convenient to use than cotton (washable and wearable). It has the excellent characteristics of imitating cotton like cotton, imitating cotton than cotton. It is a polymerized modification Sex spinning, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing technology is the product of the integration and integration of many technologies.

Make up for the defects of cotton fiber

The characteristics of polyester used make up for the shortcomings of cotton fabrics. For example, polyester has good weather resistance, such as light resistance, heat resistance, and mildew resistance, which can make up for the lack of durability of cotton fabrics; polyester has a large initial modulus, is stiff, and is not easily deformed. Cotton fabrics are easy to wrinkle, deform, and are not wear-resistant.

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