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What is the meaning of yarn density?

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The linear density refers to the thickness of the yarn. The linear density is one of the very important physical properties of the fiber. It not only affects the textile processing and product quality, but is also closely related to the wearability of the fabric. Similarly, linear density is also the most important indicator of yarn. The linear density of yarn affects the physical and mechanical properties, feel, style, etc. of textiles, and it is also one of the important basis for fabric design.

There are many ways of expressing linear density, generally the ratio between length and mass. At present, there are two kinds of fixed weight system and fixed length system.

Inspection method:

FZ/T 50005-2013 Spandex yarn linear density test method

GB/T 14335-2008 Chemical fiber short fiber linear density test method

GB/T 14343-2008 Chemical fiber filament linear density test method

GB/T 16256-2008 Textile fiber linear density test method vibrometer method

FZ/T 50005-2013 Spandex yarn linear density test method

GB/T 4743-2009 Textiles, packaged yarns, determination of skein linear density

SN/T 3588-2013 Determination of the linear density of disassembled yarns in knitted fabrics

GB/T 29256.5-2012 Textiles, woven fabric structure analysis method

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