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What is the role of printed steaming

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After the textile is printed, in addition to the ice dye and soluble reduction dye, the general dye must be steamed.

The purpose is to make the printed textiles complete the hygroscopic and warming of the fiber and color paste, the restoration of the accelerated dye and the dissolution of the fiber, so that the dye diffuses into the fiber and is fixed on the fiber.

Steamed process conditions vary with the nature of dyes and fibers.

During the steaming process, the steam first condensed on the textiles, and the temperature of the textiles rose rapidly. At the same time, the fibrous hygroscopic puffing, the full dissolving of the dye and chemical agent after absorbing the color paste, which was conducive to the production of chemical effects, and promoted the dye from the cause of the dyes. The color pulp moves to the fiber and spreads inside the fiber to generate fixing. The main factors affecting the amount of hygroscopic fluid in the steamer are the temperature and relative humidity in the steamer.

Steaming equipment is selected according to the conditions of steaming process, the nature of fabrics and the scale of production.

For some easy -to -deform fabrics such as silk steaming equipment such as silk, small batch of intermittent steaming equipment can be used in small batches. Chemical machines and so on. Generally, there is a row of guide rollers on the upper and lower steamer. The fabric is dragged forward from the upper rowing roller. After the fabric is printed, the color pulp with the fabric surface is more. In order to avoid "pulp". Surround continuous steaming machine.

After steaming, the color slurry, paste, residual chemicals and dyes on the fabric must be washed through water, and the ice dye and reduction dye must be boiled by soap to obtain good color and dyeing. The water washing and soap of the fabric are generally performed on the multi -grid washing machine. The entire water washing process was completed by the diffusion of dyes and the exchange of washing fluid.

The original paste in the color slurry can be washed away by the swelling side. The difficulty of washing off is directly related to the nature of the paste and the heating in the previous processing process. Disabled dyes and chemicals and other substances spread into the washing solution through diffusion, and washed it with fresh solution and washed it from the fabric.

In order to improve the washing effect, the general washing equipment should meet the following requirements and design, that is,:

① Improve the washing temperature;

② Design washing facilities with oscillation effects;

③ The design can force the device of the fabric to mandate the liquid washing liquid;

④ Make the washing fluid on the washing machine countercurrent;

⑤ Increase the capacity of the container to extend the time of the fabric in the washing solution.

In short, the design of the washing machine should be conducive to the rescue of residual dyes and paste to prevent the fabric from being stained with the fabric.

The commonly used steaming equipment is mainly used for cotton and its blended woven fabric restoration steaming machines and high -temperature normal pressure steaming machines.

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