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What should be paid attention to in production before the cold -rolled pile of textiles?

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Before the cold rolling pile, the treatment should be in production:

① Use a multi -rolling rolling method to ensure that the liquid penetration is evenly consistent. Generally, two grooves are used, and the front grooves are rolled with three rollers, and the rear grooves are used with two rollers.

② Pay attention to the stability of the pressure of the two rollers, keep the liquid volume consistent, and the time of each cloth roll stacking and the stacking temperature should be consistent, which will help the effect of the processing before the cold rolling pile.

③ In actual production, the consistency of the processing effect of the front processing process in front of the cold stack is difficult, because the defects of the processing process design will inevitably lead to fluctuations in the quality of the pre -processing. In the following aspects: First, when the cold rolling pile is scrolled, the fabric is advanced when the person is washed and washed. The difference in the stacking time is about 2.5h or longer according to the scroll length of the conventional product. Second, the speed of the cold rolling pile is different from the speed of the carbonation -to -alkali washing. It is often the speed of cold -rolled pile vehicle (about 70m/min) faster than the hot treatment speed (about 50m/min). This difference has increased cold In the rolling process, the difference between the entire fabric roll and the roll, and the front and back of the fabric in the same roll. Third, the difference between the amount of the left and right and the middle band liquid in the cold milk pile is often generated by two aspects: the difference between the amount of liquid in the middle pressure difference between the two sides of the larvae roller roller; The working liquid on both sides was leaked due to pressure and gravity, causing differential differences in the left and right band liquid of the fabric. Fourth, the temperature difference between the inside and the roll, the two sides and the middle form. The existence of these differences will inevitably cause differences in the processing effect of fabrics. When these differences are superimposed and accumulated to a certain degree, there will be significant differences in the related processes behind.

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