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Alkaline dyeing of decentralized dyes

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Diversified dye dye polyester is generally performed under acidic conditions. The screened alkaline conditions dyed dyeing dyes have the following advantages and disadvantages:

1. The emergence of dispersed dye -alkaline dyeing:

When decentralized dye dyeing conventional polyester, the general dyeing bath is generally controlled (pH value is 5-6). Due to dyeing under acidic conditions, most of the scattered dyes are the purest and higher in dyeing rate. However, polyester simulation silk fabrics must be treated with alkaline reduction, so that the fiber surface can produce concave acupoints, which can make the feel soft, gloss, and hanging. It is still unavoidable to be alkaline, so a dispersion dyeing method of decentralized dye can appear. Disted dyes that can dye in alkaline baths are called alkaline dyeing dyes.

Second, the advantages of decentralized dye -alkaline dyeing:

The alkaline dyeing method has the advantages of effectively removing low polymers, shortening dyeing time, stable color light and saving energy.

1. Can further improve the refined effect:

Because there are more oil agents on the synthetic fiber, it is difficult to completely remove residual oil agents and slurry with existing refined methods, so it is easy to cause uneven dyeing or even color flowers. At the same time, adding alkaline evenly dyeing agents, the dyeing agent has the effect of removing oil degeneration, which can effectively improve the problem of insufficient washing in the pre -processing process, which is conducive to the rationality and simplification of the dyeing process.

2. It can prevent the re -attachment of alkaline reduction and dispersion residue:

The symbolic fabric is soft and high, and the high quality is an ideal method to use intermittent alkali reduction, but it is difficult to be completely washed by decomposition and alkaline. The higher the higher, if it is dyed in an acidic bath, the dispersion residue is easy to return to the color flower. When dyeing in an alkaline bath, the decomposition residue is soluble in the dye bath, which can prevent alkaline reduction of dispersing dispersion residual residues. Relax.

3. It can prevent the aggregation of low polymers:

There are some ring -shaped direct chain low polymers in polyester. These low polymers in dyeing are transferred to the fiber surface, falling off into the dye bath, easy to condense and attached to the fabric or cylinder body; Poems are soluble in alkaline solutions and will not cause dyeing quality problems.

4. It can improve the quality of dyeing products and the reproduction of dyeing:

When dyeing under acidic conditions, the surface of polyester fabrics is rough, and under alkaline conditions, it has a lubrication. Therefore, when dyeing in alkaline baths, wrinkles can be reduced in acidic dyeing baths, wrinkles, and wrinkles, Bad, scratch marks and other problems, and can also give the dyed fabric soft feel, thereby improving the quality of dyeing products. At the same time, the application of alkaline dyeing agent has an excellent buffer ability in the pH value in the dye bath, so that the dye dye dyeing before dyeing dye The post -pH value is basically the same, which is conducive to reducing cylinder differences and improving dyeing.

Third, disadvantages of dispersion of alkaline dyeing dyes:

Because the conventional decentralized dye structure contains ester, amino amino, cyanion, etc., the dye is easy to hydrolyze under neutral or alkaline conditions, resulting in dyeing changes in light and dye strength loss. Therefore, alkaline conditions need to be screened with dyes.

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