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  • Why does spandex fabric turn yellow


    Characteristics of Spandex 1. Spandex fiber has excellent elasticity, and its elastic elongation is the highest among textile fibers, which can reach 400% to 500%; the elastic recovery rate is also high, which can reach 95% to 99%.2. Spandex is a thermoplastic fiber, with a softening point of 160°C, Read More

  • How to use polyester fabric?


    The chemical name of polyester is polyester fiber, which is widely used in the textile market, and more and more people like polyester fabrics for clothing. But whether polyester fabrics are good or not, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Such a problem can still make many people confused. T Read More

  • What are the types of polyester restoration cleaning


    1. Reduction and cleaning under alkaline conditions: Soaping agent + reducing agent (sodium sulfide or thiourea dioxide) + alkali (caustic soda or soda ash), but many domestic dyeing factories do not use soaping agent. Soaping agent: non-ionic surface active agent, which is conducive to dissolving, Read More

  • Disperse dye production decline


    In the past two or three years, due to the country's emphasis on environmental protection, the structural reform and environmental protection transformation of the dye industry have been promoted. This has caused many large manufacturers to suspend existing production capacity and small manufacturer Read More




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