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Price for Disperse dye

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According to the latest news, as the epidemic gradually stabilizes, the textile printing and dyeing industry is gradually ushering in a climax of resumption of production and work. Some printing and dyeing factories have started the first wave of dyeing fee increases in 2020, and disperse dye distributors have adjusted their prices to test the market. A printing and dyeing company in Boluo, Huizhou, Guangdong Province, issued a "Dyeing Fee Price Adjustment Notice", stating that from March 2nd, all customers who place orders will have to implement the new dyeing fee unit price.

It is worth noting that the original white category, washing water category, special white category, single dye polyester category, and dispersed direct category rose by 300 yuan per ton; active category, active dispersion category, and sulfur black rose by 500 yuan per ton. In addition, a printing and dyeing company in Jiaxing, Zhejiang reported that disperse blue 60 market quotations have soared, and the high price has deviated from the market, and printing and dyeing companies have adjusted prices for special colors. Increase in dye prices will be an inevitable trend.

According to industry insiders, the end of each year is the golden season for dyeing plants to purchase dyes. The price of disperse dyes generally starts to rise at the beginning of the year, then rises and falls in the middle of the year, and reaches the bottom at the end of the year and begins to nurture a rebound force. The disperse dye concept rose sharply on the 4th. As of press time, Jihua Group, Jianxin shares, Jinji shares and other daily limit, Lily, Zhejiang Longsheng, Runtu shares, etc. rose by more than 5%.

From a valuation perspective, the rolling price-earnings ratio of disperse dye concept stocks is generally less than 30 times, of which Zhejiang Longsheng, Runtu shares, and Jihua Group are less than 10 times. Zhejiang Longsheng has the lowest price-earnings ratio at 9.32 times.

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