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How to identify fabric defects?

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Whether there are defects is an important criterion for inspecting the quality of fabrics. The main reasons for the defects are as follows:

1. Defects caused by poor fiber quality are called yarn defects;

2. Defects produced during weaving, called weaving defects;

3. Defects produced in the process of printing, dyeing, finishing, etc. are called printing defects.

Serious flaws should be cut off, and there are relatively light flaws in woolen cloth and silk fabrics. A small string should be tied to the edge of the fabric outside the flaws as a mark, which is commonly known as "pigtail". On other textiles, such as rayon and polyester-cotton cloths, no "drills" are tied, and the grade of the fabric is evaluated according to the specific situation (the severity of the defect).

Slight defects will directly affect the appearance, serious defects will damage the local strength and wear resistance, so the defects on the fabric should be avoided when cutting. If it can't be avoided, the defect can be arranged in the part of the clothing that is not often worn, so as not to affect the appearance and fastness of the clothing.

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