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Knitted garment finishing process

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The various finishing processes that a finished garment needs to go through:




(1) Milling

Milling finishing is to make the wool sweater undergo repeated and irregular external force continuous action under certain humid and hot conditions, the volume becomes smaller, the weight per unit area increases, and a layer of short pile is formed on the surface. It is generally used in high-grade carded protein fiber raw materials, and worsted sweaters can be lightly processed by washing the fabric. After milling, the appearance of the fabric is improved, the hand feels fuller and softer, and it is warmer and more elastic. Sweater milling method: Detergent milling method: The sweater can be placed in a drum-type washing machine or a tumbler-type milling machine. The process flow is as follows:


Preform → soaking → cashing → washing → dehydration → drying


(2) Bleaching


Knitted knitted sweaters of bright colors need to be bleached before dyeing to avoid affecting the shade and brightness. Generally, oxidation bleaching can be used first, and then reduction and fluorescent whitening processes are used. The process flow is as follows:

Clothes blanks → decontamination → hydrogen peroxide bleaching → reduction bleaching → fluorescent whitening → cleaning → dehydration → finishing and styling


(3) Dyeing


The dyeing of finished shirts is not only bright in color, but also can reduce various defects such as colored flowers and stains on the fabric, and improve product quality. In addition, the dyeing management of finished shirts is more convenient, which can increase the reserve of wool yarn, adjust the batch according to the market demand, and change the variety.


(4) Steaming and setting


The purpose of steaming and setting is to make the formed knitted garments have lasting and stable specifications, beautiful appearance, smooth surface, luster, full suede, soft feel, elasticity and certain body bones. Steaming and setting is the last process in the finishing of formed knitted garments.

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