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What are the dye choices and schemes for nylon dyeing?

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Dye selection, nylon is a hydrophobic fiber, but the macromolecule contains a large number of weakly hydrophilic groups (- CONH -), and there are-NH2,-COOH hydrophilic groups at both ends of the molecule, so it can be dyed with a variety of dyes . Such as disperse dyes, neutral dyes, weak acid dyes, reactive dyes and direct dyes, etc., can be used as dyes for nylon dyeing.

Through the size sample test, it is found that the covering ability of various dyes on the warp and rung defects of nylon fabrics are: disperse dyes> acid dyes> reactive dyes> neutral dyes> direct dyes.

Nylon dyeing usually adopts two dyeing schemes, namely: light and medium colors are mainly dyed with disperse dyes; medium and dark colors are mainly dyed with neutral dyes, supplemented by weak acid and reactive dyes to make up for the incomplete chromatogram, so as to obtain more satisfaction The dyeing effect.

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