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What are the technical points of reactive printing?

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1. The choice of dye: a. Reactivity: medium degree; b. Directness: medium to low. In addition, the fixation rate of the dye itself must be considered: if the fixation rate is too low, the amount of dye is large, which is not conducive to post-washing. Generally speaking, the domestic m-type and foreign p-type should be selected according to the specific color.

2. Requirements for steaming: under saturated steam, 102 degrees x 8 minutes is sufficient. According to the current customer's quality requirements, it seems that the baking method is not the best choice.

3. Post-washing process: a. After-washing, you must ensure that the first three tanks are cold washed, and rinsed strongly and drained at the bottom; b. If the number of washing tanks is small, you can extend the cold wash by adding a ventilation rack. Time to ensure that the paste has enough swelling time and accelerate the shedding of excess dye; c. When soaping, be sure to use non-alkaline additives, the best choice is chelating dispersant.

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