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Whenever floating color, anti -stained color -soap washing agent

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With the improvement of the chromosome, the color of the printed flower is also increasing. Different colors appear on the printing fabrics. Here we will use a additive product -anti -soap washing agent. Its role is to improve the effect of cleaning and floating colors during the soap washing process, and to make the dye no longer stained by dispersing, suspended, and linked effects. On the fabric, to achieve the purpose of increasing soap washing and anti -staining.

The development of soap washing agent

The first generation: Early surfactant soap washing agent (soap powder, AEO, SAS)

The second generation: synthetic polymer soap washing agent (poly C, Ma Bing, Malayic acid-omate-acrylic-acrylic)

Third generation: adsorption soap washing agent (polyethylene pyridine -N-oxide)

Fourth generation: water saving, energy saving, environmental protection (similar to biological enzyme preparation) soap washing agent

The working principle of soap washing agent

1. Infiltration function, reduce the tension of the interface: The soap washing agent must penetrate into the unsteady dyes and fibers, weaken their adhesion, and separate the floating color and fiber;

2. Combination and decentralization function: Diversify the floating color dye in the washing fluid, exert its colloidity, form a stable suspended decentralization system without re -dipping it on the fiber;

3. Adsorption function: Make the affinity of anti -dipping soap washing agent and floating color dye greater than the fiber's affinity of floating color, so that the dyes in the residue no longer return to the fiber;

4. Clean washing function: Soap washing agents improved the efficiency of washing efficiency by improving water quality, thereby achieving various fastness;

5. Use special enzymes or compounds to decompose unskilled floating color dyes, destroy its hair color group, thereby fully remove its floating color;

6. You can also fall off from the fiber by mechanical effects (ultrasonic or vibration).

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