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Why choose reactive dyes?

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Reactive dyes have a wide chromatogram, bright color, excellent performance and strong applicability, and their hue and performance are basically in line with the market's requirements for fibers and clothing. Reactive dyes can achieve high levels of fastness properties, especially wet fastness, with economical dyeing processes and simple dyeing operations. Reactive dyes have a series of characteristics unmatched by other cellulose fiber dyes, establishing their status as the development and application focus of cellulose fiber dyes.

However, from the fabric to the final product, each process can affect the shade of the fabric. From embryonic cloth, pretreatment, enzyme washing, dyeing, soaping, etc., every process must be strictly controlled. This article analyzes the matters needing attention in each process from the common color point, color pattern, color difference and fastness of cotton fabric dyeing.

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