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Latest News and Updates on Textile Auxiliaries and Dyes

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates on textile auxiliaries and dyes from Tiankun Chemical.

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These are related to the china dye news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in china dye and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand china dye market.
  • What is the Union-Dye Effect


    Solid Effect or Union-Dye Effect refers to two fiber-dyed hue or hue, and the color of the color is similar or the color is close, and the color is bright. If it is represented by color feature values, the effect of the same color means that the brightness or brightness L of the two fibers is simila Read More
  • How does insulation time affect polyester dyeing?


    Diversifying dye dye polyester, which is heated to the prescribed temperature (125 ~ 135 ° C), you must keep the staining period of time. The test shows that the length of the preservation and dyeing time has the impact on the quality of the dyeing.1) Polyester fiber structure is tight, and the mome Read More
  • Why the fastness for disperse dyes is poor?


    Disperse dyeing is mainly because polyester fiber is dyed high -temperature and high pressure. Although the dye molecules are small, the dyes molecules are all entered inside the fiber during dyeing. It is to use the dye molecules that do not enter the fiber to destroy and improve the role of improv Read More
  • Textile printing and dyeing technology affects fabric wear resistance


    The nature and geometric shape of fiberUnder the same spinning conditions, when the fiber is long, the fiber has a large combination force, and the fiber is not easy to draw from the yarn during friction, which helps the wear resistance of the fabric; the fineness of the fiber is moderate conducive Read More
  • RMB appreciation, exchange rate fluctuations


    The super-commodity cycle was too much to steal the spotlight, but the volatility of the foreign exchange market was ignored-the weaker dollar indirectly stimulated the rise of commodities, and the renminbi also went crazy silently.As of 16:30 on May 10, Beijing time, the onshore renminbi closed at Read More
  • What are the characteristics of disperse dyes?


    Lifting powerLet's first look at the lifting power of disperse dyes, which is one of the important properties of disperse dyes. The lifting power is good, indicating that there is a good deep dyeing property. So what is the effect on dyeing? In fact, the lifting power of different varieties is very Read More
  • What is the specific shift value for reactive dyes


    For dyeing with reactive dyes, the choice of the three primary colors of dyes must be paid attention to by dyeing workers. Among them, the ratio shift value (Rf) of the dye is a very important parameter. The Rf value represents the affinity of the dye. During dyeing, it determines the instantaneous Read More
  • Research on Disperse Dyes Non-washing Printing Technology


    Traditional disperse dye printing has been extended for many years: screen printing → steaming (color development) → washing (removing paste and floating color) → drying and setting. Among them, the sewage discharge from the washing process is the main cause of printing sewage. Since the printed pro Read More
  • Unbelievable! Seeing the failure of slandering Xinjiang cotton, the West is eyeing Xinjiang's man-made fibers


    According to news from Observer.com on March 30, after the failure of forcibly slandering Xinjiang cotton, some people are eyeing the textile viscose fiber in Xinjiang. The current supplier of this material, Stora Enso in Finland, has been forced to stop producing related raw materials.Viscose fiber Read More
  • How did direct dyes develop


    Direct dye was developed after Bottiger discovered Congo Red in 1884. Before this, cotton fibers were dyed with indigo and other natural dyes, which was troublesome. At that time, synthetic dyes were just beginning to be developed, and cotton fibers could not be dyed directly. The cotton fibers must Read More
  • Focus on RCEP: China's approval will help the textile industry recover!


    The 21st China International Dyestuff Industry, Organic Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition will be held on September 27-29, 2021. This exhibition will be moved to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The scale of the exhibition is upgraded, the exhibition hall is upgraded Read More



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