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Textile printing and dyeing technology affects fabric wear resistance

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The nature and geometric shape of fiber

Under the same spinning conditions, when the fiber is long, the fiber has a large combination force, and the fiber is not easy to draw from the yarn during friction, which helps the wear resistance of the fabric; the fineness of the fiber is moderate conducive to wear resistance. It is generally considered to be 2.78 ~ 3.33 DTEX is more appropriate; alien fibrous fabrics are flexion -resistant and frightening performance is generally worse than that of round fiber fabrics; the mechanical properties of fiber are the decisive factor affecting the wear resistance of the fabric. The fiber fracture and extension rate, high elasticity response rate, and fracture are large, and the wear resistance of fabrics is generally better.



When the twist of the yarn is too large, the fiber stress is too large, the fiber segment is small, and the excessive twisted can also make the yarn rigid. When friction Increasing, the local wear of the yarn is too early, which is not conducive to the wear resistance of the fabric. After the twist, the gauze is loose, the fiber is small in the gauze, and it is easy to draw, and it is not conducive to the wear resistance of the fabric.

When the strip of the yarn is poor, the structure of the thickness is loose, and the fiber is easily pulled out during friction, making the veil structure loose and the fabric wear resistance decreases.


Fabric geometric structure

The fabric is thick and the flattening is well -faced; on the contrary, the flexion and grinding and the folding abrasion is better.

When the latitude is low, the short -fledged fabric is more abrasion; when the latitude and weft denseness is high, the long and long satin fabric is more abrasion.

The impact of fabric's square meter weight has the most significant effect on the abrasion resistance. The fabricity of the fabric increases linearly with the increase of the unit area, and the different fabrics are only different.

The fabric has a small density and a good wear resistance.


Environmental conditions

The temperature and humidity, friction direction and pressure of the environment have a great impact on the wear resistance of the fabric. In addition, in the actual use of fabrics, it is often accompanied by the effects of sun exposure, sweat, detergent, etc., so the impact on fabric wear resistance is more complicated.


Sort out

After the cotton and adhesive fabrics are tidy through the hot melt resin, the abrasion resistance will be different with the severity and urgency of friction. When the pressure is large and the friction is severe, the wear resistance of the fabric decreases significantly after the sorting, which is mainly due to the deterioration of the fibrous elongation performance after finishing. When the pressure is small and the friction is mild, the sorted fabric has increased wear resistance.

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