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out of stock? Price reduction? How should we choose color?

This year, the business of solvent dye is not just burnt.Half of our markets in Europe, but from the beginning of the year, Europe's economy has been exhausted, such as the fierce shrinking of the automotive market, and the overall decline is rapid

Las cuatro características de los tintes reactivos son fundamentales para la tasa de éxito del teñido!

Colorantes reactivos, también conocidos como colorantes reactivos. Una clase de tintes que reaccionan químicamente con las fibras durante el teñido.

A small-scale trader in Iran,engaged in dye chemical.

Background: A small-scale trader in Iran,engaged in dye chemical.Challenge: 1. Difficulties in collecting payments in Iran.2. Need a very good price to compete with other local sources in Iran.3. It is difficult to send samples of chemicals, and there are almost no good express agents in China that can send chemicals to Iran.

Guatemala Medium Dyeing Factory

Background: South America medium-sized dyeing factory, mainly dyeing polyester and cotton.Challenge: There is no perfect solution for finishing process(Hand feel, hydrophilicity), and skeptical about our dyes, and need more professional technical support and display.

A large dyeing factory in Uzbekistan

Background: One large dyeing factory mainly dyes microfiber fibers.Challenge: The end customer of the dyeing factory provided a piece of fabric, saying that he wanted to purchase this purple fabric. The customer could not make the color which the end customer wanted, and ask for help.

A large textile silicone oil distributor in Turkey

Background: One large textile silicone oil distributor purchases crude oil and sells in local after emulsifying and diluting.Challenge: After the customer tried our company's CY-4158 silicone oil, the emulsification and dilution could not proceed smoothly. We recommended the emulsifier and the amount of each reagent, but the customer still cannot solve the problem.

Client of a large dyeing factory in Mexico

Background: One large dyeing factory, which mainly produces microfiber towels.Challenge: When using disperse blue dyes and disperse violet dyes, there will be small white marks that cannot be colored.Solution:First, asking the customer about the dyeing process, PH value, heating rate, etc. According to customer's feedback, there is no problem with the dyeing process. At the same time, we provided our own dyeing process for customer to try again, but the same problem still occurred.

Well-known dye trader in Morocco

Background: A well-known dye trader in Morocco. There are selling many kinds of dyestuffs, involving disperse, direct, cationic and other dyes, and they have fixed end customers with large required quantity. It is a potential trader customer.Challenge: Customers have a lot of suppliers, are accustomed to comparing prices, also demand high quality of goods. In addition, the client company has lots of contacts, but the response efficiency is low, and generally will not actively respond to emails or chat tools in time.

A large acrylic fiber manufacturer in Peru

Background: A large acrylic fiber manufacturer in Peru, before used the products which is internationally renowned brands, and has very strict requirements for dyes. There demand is three container of cationic black dyes each year, and they are increasing year by year.Challenge: The cationic dye required is a color mixed product. One of the raw materials is not stable, and it is prone to agglomeration when exposed to moisture, which affects the accuracy of the dosage, but this raw material is indispensable. In addition, bulk cargo is generally shipped by sea, and the route to Peru generally takes around 30 days, which increases the possibility of caking.

Diversified product configuration

Background: Dealer customers face different terminals and have different requirements, and they hope to diversify their products.Challenge: The original end customer of a distributor customer wanted product A, but product A is currently out of supply, and the customer hopes that we can provide a plan.





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