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Use of solvent dyes

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The solvent DYESTUFF, as an organic redissolvable dye, is easily soluble in general organic solvents such as ethanol, BTX, ketone, ester, oil and paraffin, and has the advantage of bright colors. These dyes come in many series and have many uses.


Solvent dyes are widely used oil-soluble dyes because they are soluble in various solvents, synthetic resins, oils, and other dyes, with bright colors and excellent color development.



Plastics: styrene, acrylic resin, hard plastic, acetate, urea resin, etc.

Coatings: oil-based coloring coatings, rubber coatings, wood coatings, etc.

Printing ink: petroleum ink, gravure printing ink

Grease products: shoe polish, salt ink, etc.

Petroleum products: gasoline, lubricants, fats, etc.

Leather products: rind dyeing.

Office supplies: felt ink, ballpoint pen ink, etc.

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