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Advantages and precautions of oily waterproofing agent

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The main features of oily waterproof:

1. No need to heat, suitable for objects that require waterproof treatment but cannot be heated and dried.

2. The storage is stable and will not be invalid or reduced in efficiency due to long-term storage.


Performance and characteristics of oily waterproof:

1.The efficiency of drying at room temperature appears after 12 hours (the environment is stable at 26 degrees).

2.The efficiency of the ready-to-use type is 80% of the efficiency, and the efficiency will get better and better with the passage of time until it reaches the efficiency.

3.The processed items can easily pass the anti-siphon test and dynamic test.

Available range:

Fabric waterproof, webbing waterproof, leather waterproof (two-layer leather, suede leather, artificial leather, nubuck leather, etc.), paper products waterproof, fabric waterproof, outdoor products waterproof, shoe factory waterproof shoes waterproof, etc.



1. Solvent-based products are flammable. When storing and using, pay attention to fire safety, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight, and the production site requires good ventilation. Necessary measures should be taken to ensure the solvent discharge after volatilization to avoid impact on operators.

2. Generally used in the final process, the webbing and thread must be cleaned as much as possible after dyeing, and must not contain any acid, alkali, salt or surfactant, so as to ensure a uniform waterproof finishing effect.

3. For the specific process, the user is requested to adjust according to the sample.

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