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The difference between organic solvent dyes and inorganic solvent dyes

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The reason why we can see all kinds of colors in our lives is because we use some solvent dyes for dyeing, whether it is the clothes we wear, the brightly painted daily necessities or the buildings in various shades , We need to use a lot of solvent dyes for dyeing. It can be said that we cannot do without solvent dyes in our lives. In fact, solvent dyes are also divided into organic solvent dyes and inorganic solvent dyes. The properties and characteristics of each solvent dye are not the same, and the scope of use is also different. Next, let's understand the difference between organic solvent dyes and inorganic solvent dyes.


Let's first look at the difference in chemical composition between organic solvent dyes and inorganic solvent dyes. Organic solvent dyes are generally man-made organic molecular materials, such as monoazo, bisazo and lake. Inorganic solvent dyes are generally oxides of some non-ferrous metals or metal salts that are insoluble in water. They are common in nature. For example, natural mineral pigments are solvent dyes that can be directly obtained from nature. We often need to use them. Many of the ink pen refills use these inorganic solvent dyes. In terms of specific performance, the performance of organic solvent dyes is generally better than that of inorganic solvent dyes. This is because organic solvent dyes have more abundant colors and more complete types, and since solvent dyes are prepared manually, many comparisons The subtle and subtle colors can be configured by people. Organic solvent dyes have strong coloring ability and have good adhesion effects under strong light and high temperature, but correspondingly, organic solvent dyes are more expensive. Inorganic solvent dyes have good heat resistance and light resistance, and strong hiding power, but their chromatogram is not very complete, and the coloring power is relatively poor. Some metal salts are even harmful to the human body, so in general, organic solvent dyes are more excellent .

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