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Latest News and Updates on Textile Auxiliaries and Dyes

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates on textile auxiliaries and dyes from Tiankun Chemical.

sulfur dye

These articles are all highly relevant sulfur dye. I believe this information can help you understand sulfur dye's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Do you really know the reason why the sulfur dye soap was washed?


    The characteristics of sulfurized dyes1. Sulfur dye is insoluble in water. When dyeing is dyed, it needs to be restored to the alkali to generate hidden colors and dissolved. The sulfur dye hidden color cellulose fiber is affinity. Read More
  • Sulfur dye dye yarn


    Most of the gauze used in the color woven cotton dab, such as labor cloth and Yuan Gong, mostly use sulfur dye dyeing. The price of vulcanized dyes is cheap, the color of the dyeing is full, and the water washed is better. It is one of the commonly used dyes of yarn dye.Sulfur dye contains more sulf Read More
  • Dyeing of cotton knitted fabric with sulfur dyes


    Dyeing of cotton knitted fabric with sulfur dyes1. The characteristics of sulfur dyes1. Sulfur dyes are cheap and easy to apply, suitable for dyeing various products of cellulose fiber.2. The color of sulfur dyes is not bright, the fastness to chlorine is poor, the chromatogram is incomplete, and th Read More
  • Defects of sulfur dyes and solutions


    Defects of sulfur dyes and solutionsThe problemSulfur dyes have a short production process, low price, and good fastness. However, they still have many shortcomings and problems in actual production and application, so they still cannot be widely used in various fabrics.Sodium sulfide is used in the Read More
  • The dyeing mechanism of sulfur dyes


    The dyeing mechanism of sulfur dyesFeaturesSulfur dyes are a type of sulfur-containing dyes. The molecules contain sulfur bonds composed of two or more sulfur atoms. When used, they are reduced to leuco body, dissolved in water, and dyed fibers. The dyeing characteristics of sulfur dyes vary dependi Read More



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