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Dyeing of cotton knitted fabric with sulfur dyes

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The characteristics of sulfur dyes

1. Sulfur dyes are cheap and easy to apply, suitable for dyeing various products of cellulose fiber.

2. The color of sulfur dyes is not bright, the fastness to chlorine is poor, the chromatogram is incomplete, and the fiber is brittle. The light fastness varies greatly with different varieties. Generally, black is grade 6-7 and blue is 4. -5, yellow orange is 3-4, soaping fastness, most can reach 3-4.


The post-treatment of sulfur dye dyeing

1. Soaping treatment: remove the floating color attached to the fiber surface, improve the color fastness and enhance the vividness of the dyed material.

2. Taikoo oil treatment: The dyed material can be treated with Taikoo oil to improve the shade of the dyed material, especially to increase the vulcanization blackness, and it also has a certain anti-brittle effect.


3. Fixing treatment: Fixing treatment with fixing agent M is commonly used.

4. Anti-brittle treatment: Some dyed products with sulfur dyes will cause brittle lift if placed for a long time, which will seriously reduce the fiber strength. Anti-brittle treatment, usually 0.8-1% urea and 5-5.8% Taikoo oil.

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