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The dyeing performance of disperse dyes-lifting power

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1. Definition of lifting power:

Lifting power is one of the important properties of disperse dyes. This characteristic indicates that when each dye is used in dyeing or printing, the amount of dye is gradually increased, and the degree of color depth on the fabric or yarn increases accordingly. For dyes with good lifting power, the depth of dyeing increases according to the proportion of the amount of dye, indicating that there is better deepness; dyes with poor lifting power have poor deepness. When reaching a certain depth, the color will no longer deepen with the increase of the amount of dye.

Disperse Dyes

2. The effect of lifting power on dyeing:

The lifting power of disperse dyes varies greatly among specific varieties. Dyes with high lifting power should be used for deep and thick colors, and dyes with low lifting rate can be used for bright light and light colors. Only by mastering the characteristics of dyes and using them rationally can the effect of saving dyes and reducing costs be achieved.

3. Lifting test:

The dye lifting power of high temperature and high pressure dyeing is expressed in %. Under the specified dyeing conditions, the exhaustion rate of the dye in the dye solution is measured, or the color depth value of the dyed sample is directly measured. The dyeing depth of each dye can be divided into six levels according to 1, 2, 3.5, 5, 7.5, 10%, and dyeing is carried out in a small sample machine of high temperature and high pressure. The dye lifting power of hot melt pad dyeing or textile printing is expressed in g/L.

Disperse Dyes

In terms of production reality, the lifting power of the dye is the change in the concentration of the dye solution, that is, the change in the shade of the finished product. This change can not only be unpredictable, but also by measuring the color depth value with the aid of an instrument, and then calculating the lifting force curve of the disperse dye through the color depth formula.

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