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  • Dyeing Methods with Commonly Used Dyes


    Direct dye dyeingDirect dyes can be used for dyeing various cotton and viscose products. When dyeing, first wet the fabric with water, add it to the dye solution, heat it to 95°C, add neutral salt to promote dyeing, and dye it for 60 minutes. Wash with water after dyeing, and if necessary, add color Read More
  • Disperse Dyes Tips (Part 3)


    What is the fastness of disperse dyes?The dyeing fastness of disperse dyes is mainly the fastness to sunlight, sublimation, friction and washing. Particularly important among them are the light fastness in application performance and the sublimation fastness in post-processing. Others, such as wash Read More
  • Dyeing process of yarn-dyed fabric


    Dyeing process of yarn-dyed fabricThe foam dyeing process of fabrics, yellow, pink, orange, red...etc. The world is full of colors. As far as the textile industry is concerned, the importance of colors has increased a lot. In the world of textiles and clothing, color is one of the factors that attra Read More
  • Analysis of favorable factors and development trends of the dye industry


    Analysis of favorable factors and development trends of the dye industry1. Overview of industry developmentDyestuffs belong to the manufacturing of chemical raw materials and chemical products, and the subdivided industries belong to the dye manufacturing industry. Dyes are substances that can make Read More
  • How to choose disperse dyes when dyeing nylon light colors with disperse dyes?


    How to choose disperse dyes when dyeing nylon light colors with disperse dyes?   Nylon/cotton fabrics are dyed lightly in color, and the nylon component is usually dyed with disperse dyes. The reason is: Disperse dyes do not contain water-soluble groups, do not ionize in water, and do not have activ Read More
  • What is color fastness?


    What is color fastnessDyeing fastness refers to the ability of dyes or pigments to maintain their original color state under the influence of various external factors during use or later processing of dyed fabrics.Dyeing fastness is one of the important quality indicators for measuring dyed finished Read More
  • Application of Disperse Dye Leveling Agent in Dyeing


    Application of Disperse Dye Leveling Agent in DyeingDisperse dyes are mainly used in the dyeing of hydrophobic fibers such as polyester, spandex, nylon, and acetate fibers. With the continuous progress of fiber dyeing technology, various types of levelling agents have been developed by leaps and bou Read More
  • Four properties of disperse dye leveling agent


    Four properties of disperse dye leveling agentDisperse dyes are non-ionic dyes with low water solubility. Generally, high temperature and high pressure are used for dyeing. In order to achieve uniform dispersion and dyeing, leveling agents are generally used in the dyeing process. Today, I will talk Read More
  • The dyeing performance of disperse dyes-lifting power


    The dyeing performance of disperse dyes-lifting power1. Definition of lifting power:Lifting power is one of the important properties of disperse dyes. This characteristic indicates that when each dye is used in dyeing or printing, the amount of dye is gradually increased, and the degree of color dep Read More
  • Basic dyeing with disperse dyes


    Basic dyeing with disperse dyesDyeing polyester with disperse dyes is generally carried out under acidic conditions.So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of dyeing with disperse dyes under alkaline conditions? Please look down.1. The emergence of alkaline dyeing with disperse dyes:When dyein Read More
  • Application of TCR alkali-resistant disperse dyes


    Application of TCR alkali-resistant disperse dyesPolyester oligomer is a by-product in the process of polycondensation of polyester polymer. Its structure is linear and ring-shaped. The cyclic structure of oligomers has a variety of forms from dimers to decamers (and above). The main damage to polye Read More



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