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The role and influence of film-forming additives in coatings

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With the rapid economic development nowadays, the chemical industry has gradually occupied an important position. Chemical raw materials are used in many places in our lives. It brings us many benefits. The use of film-forming aids is becoming more and more common. It has a very important role and influence in our coatings. Is there a lot of friends who are already very curious? Next, we will introduce to you the film-forming aids The role and influence in paint, I believe everyone will know why it is so important after reading it.


1. Lower the film forming temperature of latex paint. The polymer in latex paint is thermoplastic and can only be fused into a film at a specific temperature. We call the temperature at which a continuous coating film can be formed as the film-forming temperature of the emulsion. If the construction temperature is lower than this temperature, the water cannot be fused after volatilization A continuous coating film, a discontinuous film in the form of powder or cracks.

2. Influence on viscosity change and freeze-thaw stability. Water-soluble film-forming aids increase with the increase in dosage, but the viscosity of the emulsion increases. Excessive amount of film-forming aids is detrimental to the freeze-thaw stability of the latex paint. Then there will be jelly.


3. Impact on wet film performance. Many film-forming additives can make latex paint have excellent leveling and sagging properties, so that the wet film has a consistent and uniform color.

4. The influence of dry film performance. The dry film properties of latex paint, such as scrub resistance and stain resistance, are related to its critical volume concentration. The larger the value, the greater the ability of the latex to bind the pigment and the higher the rub resistance of the dry film. The addition of film-forming aids can increase CPVC, but excessive film-forming aids will reduce CPVC instead, which is not conducive to scrub resistance.

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