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What is the role of fixing agent in fabric fixing?

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Fixing agent can be used to improve the color fastness of dyes on fabrics. It can form insoluble colored substances with dyes on the fabric to improve the washing and perspiration fastness of the color, and sometimes the light fastness. In the category of fixing agents, it is also divided into many small categories. For example: color-changing fixing agent, turquoise fixing agent, aldehyde-free fixing agent, chlorine bleach-resistant fixing agent, etc. The characteristics of different fixing agents are different, such as chlorine bleach-resistant fixing agent and aldehyde-free fixing agent.


The bleaching and fixing agent can improve the washing fastness after fixing, and the color of the fixing working fluid is rarely faded, and it can effectively avoid the generation of light peeling and color change. The fabric treated with chlorine bleaching-resistant fixing agent has significantly improved soaping fastness and perspiration fastness, and the chlorine bleaching-resistant fixing agent does not contain formaldehyde, which conforms to environmental protection performance.


The fabric treated with it has minimal color change and does not affect the original style of the fabric. The aldehyde-free fixing agent has reactive groups in the molecule, which can be combined with dyes and fibers to improve the fixing effect. And it can improve the wet fastness and washing fastness of direct dyes, reactive dyes or printed materials, and will not affect the hand feeling and rewetting properties of the dyed materials.

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