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The advantages and disadvantages of cheese dyeing with vat dyes

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Today, when reactive dyes are widely used, in the field of cellulose fiber dyeing, Vat (Shihlin) dyes still have an indispensable place. Reactive dyes have poor fastness to chlorine and sunlight, which cannot meet the requirements of high sunlight and chlorine bleaching fabrics. Vat dyes can just solve these two fastness problems.

(1) Shihlin dyes are called dyes that will never fade. Before the invention and application of reactive dyes, indanthrene was the most commonly used dye in dyeing factories.


(2) The oxygen bleaching resistance of vat dyes can be applied to colored fabrics, and special low-cost colored fabrics made of Shilin colored yarn and raw yarn can be developed.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of cheese dyeing with vat dyes? Below, please listen to the brief explanation of Huaboxing Technology:

1. The traditional vat dyeing generally uses the dry vat method, while the cheese dyeing uses the suspension method;

2. The loose tube size and density of the cheese, the internal and external circulation settings of the dyeing machine, and the washing process settings. Vat dyeing has more stringent requirements than reactive dyeing;

3. Requirements of dye fineness, ultra-fine powder and liquid dyes are more suitable for cheese dyeing;


4. Different from traditional vat dyeing process curve setting;

5. In terms of equipment selection, full-filled cheese dyeing machine is more suitable for vat dyeing than air cushion dyeing machine;

6. Dispersants and leveling agents with excellent performance are indispensable for cheese dyeing;

Finally, cheese vat dyes have the following shortcomings during use:

1.The chromatogram is not complete with reactive dyes;

2. The dark wet rubbing fastness is relatively poor;

3. Higher requirements for workers' operation.

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