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The difference between dyes and pigments

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We can admire all kinds of object colors every year. Some of these colors are naturally formed, and some are given by people, which are very beautiful. Artificial colors are basically done with dyes and pigments. Speaking of dyes and pigments, we are not familiar with each other. We generally think that the two are almost the same thing, because their role is to color objects. But in fact, the difference between the two is quite big. Let's study the difference between dyes and pigments.


(1) Common points: When we understand the difference between dyes and pigments, let's first see if there is any commonality between the two? Of course there are, both of which have good color development capabilities.So it can form colors on the surface of various objects. At the same time, they all have good chemical stability and strong adaptability.

(2) Solubility: The dye is generally soluble in water, or in some organic solvents, which is convenient for large-scale dyeing. However, pigments are basically insoluble in water, and they are not soluble in most solvents. Most of the time, they exhibit solid properties.

(3) Binding force: Dyes have a strong binding force to fibers, that is, the clothes we wear are formed by dyeing with dyes. The pigment cannot be directly combined with the fiber, it needs some adhesive to attach to the surface of the fiber.


(4) Chemical composition: The dyes are basically organic, but most of the pigments are inorganic, except for some organics.

(5) Application range: Because the two have great differences in various aspects, they both have their own fields of application. Dyestuffs are generally used in the dyeing of textiles and leather products, while pigments appear more frequently in inks, paints and various coatings.

Through comparison, we can clearly see that dyes and pigments are very different in all aspects. Before using dyes and pigments, we must first understand the actual usage, and then choose the appropriate one. Stains. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of dyeing products on the market. When we buy, we must be careful not to choose products of unknown origin and unknown ingredients. Many products may be harmful to the human body.

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