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How color smoke works?

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The day scene color smoke belongs to the fireworks and firecrackers. The main effect is to emit a variety of colorful smoke. The day scene color smoke breaks the limitation of traditional fireworks which can only be displayed at night, and can be clearly displayed during the day. Called the day view fireworks.

The traditional high-altitude fireworks can only be set off at night, because the intense light during the day will make the colorful colors of the fireworks dim, and the day-view fireworks have completely changed this phenomenon. It allows people to see the spectacle of fireworks in the bright and clear sky through colorful smoke plumes in the sky. Generally, the most suitable viewing distance is about 30 meters away. At this time, you can view the effect of color smoke in a panoramic view.


The emergence of color smoke breaks through the traditional pattern of festive fireworks is a milestone breakthrough in the development of festive products. It brings a new sky to the celebration industry! It surpasses the limitations of traditional festive products, has the characteristics of no explosive source, no toxic gas, safe and reliable transportation and storage, and also breaks the limitation of fireworks can only be released at night.

Principle of color smoke emission:

(1) Use aerosol combustion to produce chemical reaction to generate smoke.

(2) Use the heat generated by combustion to sublime the dye to obtain colored smoke. The heat generated after the burning of the agent causes the dye to rise from solid particles to colored vapor, and the dye condenses into colored smoke in the atmosphere. Colored smoke is obtained by this method. of. To obtain the ideal colored smoke cloud, the method of sublimation of organic dyes is usually used and the burning temperature of the agent should not be too high. If the decomposition temperature of the dye exceeds the decomposition temperature of the organic dye, the colored smoke cloud will not be obtained. Organic dyes in the smoke include indigo, rose essence, even red, hypomethyl blue, sophora yellow, phthalocyan blue, etc.


Rijing color smoke is composed of the latest electric detonation and fast fuse ignition. It does not use traditional open flames to ignite, but uses power sources that surpass traditional fireworks in terms of safety and unique sales. It is also called electronic color smoke in the industry. Because it is most used in celebrations, it is also called celebration color smoke.

The production of color cigarettes has high requirements on the environment, weather, and air humidity. Must be produced regularly and quantitatively. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of the color cigarettes that are produced. Color smoke with good quality has the characteristics of pure color, large amount of smoke, safety, environmental protection and non-toxicity. Color smoke can make your various celebration activities more vigorous and characteristic.

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